Knowing the Type of Chicken Used in Cockfighting

Knowing the Type of Chicken Used in Cockfighting

Knowing the Type of Chicken Used in Cockfighting – As we all know that nowadays more and more people are very happy to be able to play games that can provide big profits and bonuses. Types of Chickens Used in Cockfighting Games, what types of chickens are used? For details, let’s read our article to the end. By reading this article, online gambling lovers will get the answer yes. Having a very strong fighting swing is the dream of some gamblers. One cock fighting wherever they are, and about that too become our ideals not character.

What is in Indonesia is that there is a successful management that also raises the example of chickens to be the strongest in the chicken craftsman event in Thailand. And the most popular Bangkok chicken as brajamusti, and what we know with brajamusti is one of the most popular characters.

Also the great power of the bangkok chicken is also the character of the owner’s name and the bangkok chicken. Having someone from south Lampung, now this chicken has been bargained for up to 770,00 bath. Also the offer came from a cockfighting enthusiast from Thailand.

In addition, Burmese or Burmese/Vietnamese chickens, these chickens are no less attractive to other chickens and also, Many use them as a betting tool in cockfighting competitions and while the stature of the chickens is really small. But he is always the focus because they think that a small body will be agile to compete, whereas not most people.

Using it as a betting tool and many people also apply it to become their collection, and there is a third one. Filipino chickens, there are also many types of chickens that are often used by the players who compete there, one of them.

He is called a fur coat, gray rooster, alba, all types that have beautiful fur and are good at taking down opponents. Then the fourth chicken ciparage / Indonesia, this chicken comes from Cimalaya, it has even become almost extinct because of its population. Hardly to be found, while all of them are only considered as a part rather than a person, the book is still a hallmark.

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Types of Chickens Used in Cockfighting Games

And this type of chicken is actually a descendant of the rooster of the lion-dwelling duke who was familiar at that time. Then the last one is the peruvian / peruvian chicken, this chicken which is one of the types originating from Peru is really not rarely used.

And also not half the responsibility in this type of chicken is not infrequently applied to become a chicken knife competition that is held nationally. Also in their home country popular chickens are really agile and also have great power when competing, if there is an attack.

Then the chicken can also dodge direct attacks, that’s the argument of some people who choose. Therefore, from what we have discussed earlier about the types of chickens that are often used in online cockfights. We can increase our knowledge, to know the type of chicken that is good to apply.…